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At Greenwalk Solutions we are dedicated to providing an array of environmentally sound yet effective products to a wide range of markets. The impact of these proven products provide alternative and ideal solutions to their intended applications while saving time and money with a fresh and earth friendly result.

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The Ideal Source for Eco-friendly Products in Canada and North America: Odor Control and Anti-Fungal Anivac Bathing/ Wash Systems, Horse SoftStall Floorings, Veterinary/ Animal/ Zoo Disinfectants, Synthetic Grass, and many more.

Experience the effectiveness and ease of using environment friendly products with Greenwalk Solutions. Offering a brilliant selection of eco-friendly merchandise, Greenwalk Solutions presents green alternatives for commercial and agricultural enterprises in Canada and North America. From concrete sidewalk alternatives to Veterinary Anivac Wash/ Bathing Systems to SoftStall® stall floorings and animal disinfectants, we present you with better options, enhanced benefits, all at reasonable costs.

Whether you are a municipality looking for sustainable solutions, an architectural/engineering firm, a commercial entity focusing on playgrounds, or even a large agricultural operation, own or keep a farm, a horse stable, etc., we have a variety of green solutions and alternatives benefitting your needs and passion for the environment.

Among our top products included are synthetic grass for lawns, golf courses, parks, rooftops and gardens. Practically maintenance-free, this grass could last for about 20 years saving on water. For zoos, animal houses, or veterinary clinics, our disinfectants provide eco-friendly odor control and anti bacterial and anti viral solutions to keep surfaces clean and safe. Our SoftStall® floorings create a more comfortable stall floor for horses and other animals. We also provide high quality Eco-flex® modular recycled rubber sidewalks as well as selection of recycled rubber made floorings effective for just about any commercial establishment or residential property.

Create a healthier environment for you, your family, and everyone else around you – all while shaping a better and healthier world. Browse through our extensive list of reasonably-priced artificial grass, Anivac wash/ bathing systems, odor and fungal-control disinfectants, and Softstall® floorings or Eco-flex® sidewalk alternatives. Whether you’re from North America or Canada, we’re here to help you, call Greenwalk Solutions today.

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